Business start-up

Business start-up

Starting up in business may initially seem to be a daunting venture. When a new business is launched, many issues must be taken into careful consideration. Any decisions made in the early stages could have a significant impact on the business’s success and profitability.

The knowledgeable team here at Perrys (Herts) LLP can help you in the consideration of such issues as whether or not to incorporate, how your business will be structured and controlled and whether partnership or limited liability partnership arrangements need to be made.

We have the expertise and experience to assist you in all aspects of starting a business.

Perrys (Herts) LLP can assist you with creating a detailed business plan, and can help in negotiating any necessary bank capital or other financial requirements. We will also prepare cashflow projections, budgets and trading forecasts for your new venture.

If your bank requires ongoing management advice or reports, we have efficient and effective systems in place to provide this information.

For more information on how we can assist you in the start-up of your new business venture, please contact us today.

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